5 foods that accelerate skin aging

There are a wide variety of factors involved in the skin aging process: exposure to the sun without sun protection, lack of hydration through the use of facial creams and poor diet are some of the factors that we can modify to protect the skin and slow down the appearance of signs of aging such […]

3 beauty routines to do during the quarantine period

To take advantage now that there is plenty of time! There are care routines that can make a big difference in the health of our skin, however, many times we leave them aside due to fatigue or lack of time. So, now that quarantine forces us to stay at home, nothing better than to take […]

How to protect the eye contour from UV rays?

The area around our eyes has the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the entire body. Therefore, we must be sure to protect it as much, or more than the rest, from the action of UV rays. The best allies to fulfill this function are 3: sunglasses, sun screen and the specific eye contour cream […]

How to moisturize the skin on very hot days?

The hot summer weather can significantly diminish the skin’s natural moisture, leaving it sensitive and dry. However, when temperatures rise to very high levels it is often difficult to stick to a normal moisturizing routine, as many body creams have dense textures that leave the skin feeling greasy and heavy. It is important to remember […]

5 tips to prevent dry skin in autumn

How does climate change affect us? When autumn begins and temperatures start to drop, our skin reacts by constricting blood vessels to protect the body from excessive heat loss. This causes less oxygen and nutrients to reach the dermis, as well as a reduction in the secretion of your sebaceous glands. The result? Dull, dry, […]

COVID-19 and frequent hand washing: How does it affect the skin?

  Tips to take care of the disease and avoid dryness. Our hands are the first line of defense in the battle against COVID-19. To prevent the spread of the virus, it is essential that we wash them frequently with soap and water, taking the time recommended by the World Health Organization (at least 20 […]

How is our skin affected when we spend a lot of time at home?

Cómo se ve afectada nuestra piel cuando pasamos mucho tiempo en casa

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are forced to spend much more time indoors than usual. This has both advantages and disadvantages for our skin. On the one hand, we can give you a break from pollution and makeup. However, the time we spend in front of computers, cell phones and other screens […]

How many types of wrinkles are there?

As we age, certain marks may appear on our face as a result of a combination of repeated movements, our lifestyle habits and the care we give to our skin. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or delay their appearance through the application of anti-wrinkle cosmetics that stimulate the development of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic […]

How to remove eye makeup without damaging the skin?

Eye shadows, mascara and eyeliners are used to give a sensual and elegant touch to our eyes, but when it comes to getting rid of makeup it is important to take into account certain precautions to avoid damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. To start removing make-up, nothing better than wetting a cotton pad […]

Why are antioxidants the skin’s best allies?

While it is true that our skin ages as part of an organic and inevitable process, there are external factors, such as pollution, smoking and UV rays, that favor the appearance of free radicals responsible for the oxidative stress that accelerates the visible signs of aging: dark circles under the eyes, deep wrinkles, expression lines […]

Tips for restoring the skin after the excesses of the holidays

The festive season is often a time that combines some of the worst enemies of skin health: stress, poor eating habits and fatigue. This can trigger the appearance of signs of aging such as dark circles and eye bags, open pores and loss of radiance. That’s why, after opening gifts, there’s nothing better than giving […]

How to apply our CC Cream?

CC Creams are multi-protective creams that unify skin tone and correct imperfections while moisturizing and protecting the skin from the effects of UV rays. Bagóvit Pro Bio also protects against pollution and LED light. As it is a product with a light texture, it can be used to conceal imperfections before leaving the house. Here […]

How does seawater affect our skin?

Awareness of how to care for our skin from the effects of UV rays is growing, sosunscreen is often one of the first items on the list before packing our bags for vacation. But what happens to our skin when it comes into contact with seawater? And how can we protect it? The high salt […]

How do tanning accelerators work?

Como funcionan los aceleradores del bronceado

Summer is usually the time of the year when we all take advantage of the opportunity to get that golden color that we all love to show off. But achieving this is not as simple as it seems, either because we can’t go on vacation, we don’t have a friend or family member with a […]

Why shouldn’t we use the same cream on our body and face?

Por que no vamos a utilizar la misma crema en el cuerpo y en la cara

Facial skin tends to be much more exposed than the rest of the body and is therefore more affected by external factors such as weather, pollution and UV rays. In addition, this area of the skin is much thinner and more delicate, so it tends to dry out more easily. This means that, compared to […]

Step by step: How to apply our face cream?

Paso a paso: como aplicar nuestra crema facial

Anti-ageing cream is the main ally in our daily facial skin care routine. But once you have chosen the cream that best suits your skin’s needs, it is important to apply it correctly to get the most out of its benefits. Here is a step-by-step review of the best way to do this: Step 1 […]

Myths and truths about eye contouring

The eye contour is a product that can completely change the look of your eyes. But there are a number of misconceptions about its use that need to be completely banished in order to take full advantage of its benefits. Below, we review the most common ones: It is for women over 50 Myth The […]

Tips for effective application of our body cream

When we lead busy lives, it can be difficult to take the time to apply our body cream correctly. But it is important to know that a few minutes a day can make a big difference in optimising the benefits for our skin. Here are some tips to enhance its effects: 1. For maximum hydration, […]

How to relax the legs while applying our body cream?

como relajar las piernas al aplicar nuestra crema corporal

Everyday activities, the comings and goings, the amount of time we spend standing or sitting and even the type of shoes we wear can cause our legs to feel sore and tired. To counteract this sensation, there is nothing better than taking a refreshing bath and applying our body cream with a relaxing massage to […]

Why is autumn the ideal time for tattoos?

por que el otoño es la epoca ideal para los tatuajes

In general, the idea of getting a tattoo tends to come up when warmer weather approaches, as during spring and summer the skin is more likely to be exposed. However, cold seasons are much more practical for tattooing. Here’s why: Firstly, the low temperatures make the experience much more comfortable for both the tattooist and […]

Why do wrinkles appear?

por que aparecen las arrugas

Wrinkles are one of the most common aesthetic concerns among women. Its appearance can be related to multiple causes (hormonal changes, poor diet, unhealthy habits, lack of care, etc.), although the main one has to do with the inevitable passage of time. As we age, cell division slows down, causing the elastin network, collagen fibres […]