Awareness of how to care for our skin from the effects of UV rays is growing, sosunscreen is often one of the first items on the list before packing

our bags for vacation. But what happens to our skin when it comes into contact with seawater?
And how can we protect it?

The high salt content tends to dry and crack our skin, but in addition, pollution has caused seawater to contain high percentages of plastic and polymers that conspire against its health and beauty.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that between 4 and 10 tons of microplastic waste is discarded each year, which mixes with sand and promotes dehydration, increased sebum production, the appearance of blemishes and premature aging of our skin.

That is why when we come back from the beach it is essential to take a bath in running water to help remove the remains of salt that may have been left on it and apply a good

moisturizer all over the body.

As for facial care, it is important to cleanse the skin with oil-free products. The
micellar water is an excellent option because it removes impurities and oiliness that may have accumulated during the day without damaging or attacking the skin, since it does not modify its natural pH.

Finally, we should apply our nourishing cream to restore
the hydration that the skin may have lost throughout the day.

This way, we can enjoy a healthy vacation with radiant skin.