The hot summer weather can significantly diminish the skin’s natural moisture, leaving it sensitive and dry. However, when temperatures rise to very high levels it is often difficult to stick to a normal moisturizing routine, as many body creams have dense textures that leave the skin feeling greasy and heavy.

It is important to remember that when we perspire, our skin can lose up to 1800 milliliters of water per day and, with it, essential minerals to maintain its structure and health. On the other hand, the action of UV rays promotes the development of free radicals that contribute to premature aging, favoring the appearance of deep wrinkles and blemishes.

To help our skin stay hydrated without dealing with that annoying greasy feeling during the summer, it is essential to opt for creams that are quickly absorbed, with light textures and refreshing scents.

At the same time, we must be sure to drink enough water and incorporate into our diet those foods rich in nutrients that contribute to moisturize the skin inside, such as carrots and tomatoes (rich in Vitamin A), nuts (high in Vitamin E) and citrus fruits (rich in Vitamin C).

Finally, it is important not to leave home without applying sunscreen to combat the effects of UV rays. In this way, the heat will not be an impediment for our skin to look and feel soft, smooth and hydrated.